Hot dinner part foursome Malik Delgaty, Jeremy London, Finn Harding and Travis Connor hot anal fuck fest says: Boyfriends Jeremy London and Travis Connor have invited Malik Delgaty and Finn Harding over for a romantic dinner for four.

While Jeremy’s slaves away in the kitchen trying to get everything cooked and onto the table for their guests, his horny partner Travis Connor keeps distracting him because wanting his ass for dinner instead.

When Jeremy gets his hand stuck in the sink, Travis takes the opportunity to pull down his man’s jeans and rim that hole behind the backs of guests Malik Delgaty and Finn Harding.

After their hosts start fucking missionary on the table, the couple joins in on the action, stroking their cocks as they watch Jeremy ride Travis’s cock, then splitting up the pair.

Jeremy sucks Finn’s cock while his husband goes down on Malik, and then the guests each take their host doggy style.

Jeremy and Travis ride the tops, then Malik bends the shaven-headed bottom over on the floor while Finn fucks Jeremy piledriver until the bottom cums all over himself.

The tops fuck Travis and Jeremy missionary on the couch, and Finn covers Jeremy’s face with his load. Travis orgasms and Malik treats him to a matching facial.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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