24 year old tattooed hunk Trent Spike sucks thick dick and gets his asshole well and truly fucked


Boys Halfway House says: Among the many and varied rules we impose at the House are the rules on money. Because most, if not all, are in recovery, opportunity to buy illicit substances is something that needs to be avoided at all costs.

The residents are under strict financial controls, including most importantly the limits on cash that any resident may have at a given time. If they work (which is required after the first two weeks), their checks are deposited and each resident is allowed only to have $40, which is enough for their food and smokes each week.

This resident, who happened to be on parole, was found to be harboring quite a bit of cash hidden in his shit, so we decided to make sure he got the message. We wouldn’t want any of our darling young men to go astray while they are under our care.

I woke Trent Spike up from his nap. Well – I tried to wake him up. I wouldn’t doubt that he had some help slumbering. The first thing I noticed when I pulled down the covers was how beautiful his ass was in those tight underwear. Hot damn!

I gave his butt a firm squeeze and laid down next to him. After whipping my cock out and placing his hand on it, our young delinquent knew exactly what was going on, and he complied fully. After giving me a nice cock tug, I have him strip down and stick his perky ass up into the air. With a little bit of spit on my fingers, I feel his hole. It’s a nice tight hole, and I’m sure it will feel good.

He is a slight young man, so when I finally start squeezing my cock into him, it takes a while. But every second was pure heaven, let me tell you. His strong sphincter muscles massages my pole as I loosened him up, and before long I was getting some nice strokes in there.

I wasn’t too surprised that he had a raging boner, either. A lot of the dudes like him swing both ways, especially after some time in the pen. Since he was sporting a hard-on, I thought he might enjoy jerking off while he was riding my dick, so I lie on my back and have him impale himself on it.

As he began to jerk off, he started jumping up and down furiously on my cock, and before long his cum was shooting everywhere. The fucker loved it!

I kept fucking him for some time after he came, and then I let loose a huge load myself all over his gaping hole. His gaper was fantastic, and seeing it dripping with warm jizz made my day. Not sure if he learned his lesson, but if not, I guess it’ll be fun to have another couple of rounds with him.


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Aaron’s tight boy hole felt tight like a virgin ass


Boys Halfway House says: Aaron had been bouncing around from one halfway house to another, for good reason. He just couldn’t lay off the stuff. As hard as he tried. I kinda felt sorry for him. He showed up at the door homeless after we had chatted on the phone, and my heart was filled with compassion.

Also, I thought he looked like he might be a good cocksucker. We were temporarily out of beds, so I told him to crash on the couch and gave him a few chores to complete. It’ll be a while before his insurance kicks in, and he understood the generosity going on.

Not really to my surprise, by mid-morning his shit was still all over the floor and he hadn’t completed the few simple tasks assigned, one of which was to clean out the ashtrays and sweep the porch. I called him into the living room, in front of his pile of stuff, and asked him why he hadn’t done his chores.

This dumb ass didn’t even remember what he was supposed to have done. So, of course, I throw a full ashtray at him and tell him to clean up the butts. Then I have him light a cigarette. After he had taken a few puffs I took the fag and had a few puffs myself, ashing on his chest as I smoked.

Needless to say, the next pole he had in his mouth was my cock. Turns out I was correct – he really is pretty good at sucking dick for a str8 boy. After a long nice blow job, I fuck him. His ass doesn’t look virgin at all, which was a bit of a surprise. His hole felt tight like a virgin, though. Who knows. At any rate it felt good to me, and he hated it.

I fucked him in several different positions until he was loose enough to start riding me. By this point his fuck hole was filled with lube and felt fucking amazing. He rode me until he got me very close, and then I decided to cum in his mouth instead of his hole – I’ll leave that for another time. After I came, there was a lot of jizz still dripping down my shaft, and I made him lick it all clean.

The ending of the video is great – he looks at me with those puppy dog eyes and says he is sorry, as my jizz is dripping from his lower lip down his chin. Now that’s the kind of apology I like.


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Mickey got some ass-to-mouth treatment from Gideon


Boys Halfway House says: Our new ginger is a good-natured fellow, but only because he has probably destroyed half of his brain cells. This kid’s hole feels so good that we’ve begun making up stupid excuses to fuck him. His fuck hole legit feels like a pussy it’s so warm and juicy.

Me and the newest House Manager walked upstairs to get our dicks wet, where we found him texting on the couch. His lazy, useless friend was napping next to him which was all the better. Fuck meat and stoner both complied without complaint, and we had some pretty decent cock sucking going on.

To tell you the truth, though, the little one’s blowjob felt like he had a steak knife hidden in his mouth. Once he learns to lay off the teeth, he’ll be a good cocksucker for sure. Ginger, on the other hand, is like a fucking hoover vacuum.

I can only imagine the pounds and pounds of rock this dude has traded for sexual favors in the course of his life. Once I had gotten some excellent dome, I had him ride me. I almost came it felt so good. Then me and my buddy spit roasted him.

The little one got some ass-to-mouth treatment while I fucked his friend. The whole episode was great neither of us had any complaints. At one point I was slam fucking the ginger and he didn’t even cry.

My buddy ended up dumping his load in the little guy’s mouth, and then I fucked the brains out of the ginger until I came in his ass. As my cum came running out of his feshly destroyed hole, the other guy just watched in horror. These guys both are going to be model residents, I can tell.


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Boys Halfway House Donny Forza just can’t seem to get his shit together


Boys Halfway House says: Except the ones who end up in prison until their middle ages, most young men with issues usually have two paths: they either straighten up and fly right, or the simply wobble in and out of the criminal justice system until they are too old to do much damage. Case in point is this resident (Donny Forza). In and out of trouble since he was 18, he just can’t seem to get his shit together. He styles himself as a hard working responsible person, but his actions speak a lot louder than his dreams. It’s a pity, really.


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Young naked dude Kip spit-roasted by two thick dicks


Boys Halfway House says: Sometimes, no matter how hard he tries, a guy just can’t escape his worst proclivities. This resident is a perfect example. When Kip gets a hold of contraband, he goes whole hog, and he can’t even bother to hide the evidence.

His infraction was serious enough to involve another House Manager, so the two of us barged into his room early in the morning in order to let him know just what we thought about him.

He stirred while we were removing some of his excess clothing, but even though he kind of knew what he was in for, it didn’t seem to hit him right away. Needless to say, before long he had two huge cocks in his mouth. The poor guy could barely hold back from gagging onto our dicks.

He has a beautiful butt, and that is the next item on the menu. My buddy shoves his bare cock inside this little guy, and he lets out a scream of agony. Personally, I didn’t give a shit about his situation, and I shoved my cock in his mouth just to shut him the fuck up. He looks good getting spit-roasted, but this is just the beginning.

In order to get a better view of that ass, we flip him over on the bed and my fellow Manager continues to loosen him up, pounding faster and deeper with each stroke. After some more fucking and sucking, we decide that he is good enough to ride for a while. While impaling himself on dick, he continues to get his mouth stuffed.

His fuck-hole sure feels good, and my friend is about to bust, so we flip the dumb-shit over and he gets a load all over his face and mouth. I swipe as much of the spilled jizz as I can into his mouth.

He thinks it’s over, and like the prick he is gives me a shit-eating grin and flips me off, as if to say “I made it through – screw you!” What he didn’t plan on was me using his blown-out hole as a cum receptacle.

As I flip him over onto his stomach, the smirk quickly fades, and as I shove my cock inside him he begins with the groaning once again. His ass was still tight! This fucker sure has a retractable cunt. His gaping mouth has a nice film of fresh sperm, and as I move him to sitting on my cock he willingly complies.

Those sphincter muscles gripping my shaft, though, felt too damn good, and as much as I would have like to fuck him for another hour, I decided to roll him on his side and pound him hard until the end. Grabbing his small athletic body tightly, I pump him until I cum.

After depositing several ounces of jizz deep up his cunt, I pull out and leave the last few drops on his leg. This prick will never be amount to anything more than a stupid whore, but at least he’s pretty.


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